Should I Change My Last Name?

I am often asked by women at the end of the case, “should I change my name?” My response is that “it is a personal decision.”  I then offer several reasons for and against a name change based on information relayed to me by former clients when they have wrestled with that issue.  This blog post presents a good discussion of the issue.

Should I Change My Last Name

What Not to Do When You Find Out Your Spouse is Cheating

What Not to Do When You Find Out Your Spouse is Cheating is a good article containing great advice and guidance for people who have discovered that their spouse is having an affair.  It is well worth the read.  However, one very important “don’t”  not included on the list is, don’t confront your cheating spouse with your suspicions if your spouse does not know that you know (or suspect) of the affair.  Why?  Because, if you confront your spouse prematurely, valuable evidence of the affair may disappear and you may ultimately be unable to prove your spouse’s adultery.  The best advice for anyone who knows or suspects that their spouse is cheating, is to consult an experienced family law attorney and come up with a plan rather than  just confronting a cheating spouse.