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We understand that the ending of a marriage is often one of the most traumatic and painful events a person can experience. We know that when a marriage starts to unravel, or worse, when a spouse suddenly and without warning announces that “the marriage is over,” that the resulting reality can lead to feelings of uncertainly, fear and loneliness. “What should I do?” “What will happen to the children?” “How am I going to make ends meet?” “What will happen in court?” These and other questions are not unusual. Uncertainty about the future and not knowing the answers to these and other questions can contribute to increased feelings of anxiety, depression and at times, panic. That’s where we can help.

Beginning at the initial consultation and throughout our representation as your Hilton Head divorce attorney, we listen to you. We will provide you with answers to your questions and help you plan for the future. We will also lead you through the often complicated legal process, all the while fighting for what is important to you and for the best possible outcome. In addition to providing you with the benefit of our seasoned knowledge and experience, we also want to help shoulder the burden of your stress and anxiety throughout the process so that you don’t have to bear it alone. We care about our clients as individuals. It is our goal that on each and every occasion when you meet with us, that you leave our office feeling just a little better and a little less stressed then when you arrived.

A Trusted and Experienced Family Law Firm

Phipps Family Law, P.A., is a Newberry and Hilton Head family law firm dedicated exclusively to providing counsel, advice and representation to clients undergoing family and matrimonial difficulties. We also represent clients in the negotiation drafting of prenuptial agreements. Mr. Phipps has been practicing law continuously since he graduated the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1982. We have successfully represented a multitude of clients (both national and international) throughout the State of South Carolina. Our practice is a state wide practice, with offices in Newberry and Hilton Head Island. As such, we have represented clients in various counties throughout South Carolina. We are dedicated to successfully resolving each client’s individual case through negotiation and mediation if possible, but if not, through contested litigation.

Family Law Blog

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

This is an outstanding article on how to co-parent with a narcissist. It’s also great advice for any parent trying to co-parent with a difficult ex.  It is essential set set boundaries and stick with them.  If your ex has any of the above characteristics, please take the time to read and implement this advice!

Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

Problems Disciplining Your Children in a Divorce/

While this article from Psychology Today addresses the issue of disciplining children in general, it provides a good read  for parents having to address discipline issues  with children during the course of a divorce.  It is not unusual for children to attempt to manipulate both parents to get what they want and parents may have a harder time imposing discipline during a divorce.  This is because of a number of new factors recently inserted into the dynamic of the parent child relationship: feelings of guilt,  less time with the children, a custody fight, just to name a few.  This article is an interesting self-examination on discipline.


Should I Change My Last Name?

I am often asked by women at the end of the case, “should I change my name?” My response is that “it is a personal decision.”  I then offer several reasons for and against a name change based on information relayed to me by former clients when they have wrestled with that issue.  This blog post presents a good discussion of the issue.

Should I Change My Last Name

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